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Ceridwen's visiting cat had been gone for three weeks, and she found that the regular owners had moved: Different name on the bell, no cat toys in the yard. The cat was a slender grey tabby, very well behaved, enthusiastic about being petted, and with a purr like a pneumatic drill, which he activated as soon as in contact with a human.

Yesterday he was back. Checked the flat, suggested he be fed, checked the food and then ignored it, got a round of cuddles, purred very loudly, and then disappeared into the dusk.

Seems that the neighbors did not move far. I hope he's safe on his new routes.


May. 11th, 2015 12:08 am
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I got a sample of some organic body lotion in the drugstore. Today I tried it out. And now I'm glittering.

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siderea on LJ on the Germanwings crash. Quote: "Suicide is when you kill yourself. The term for killing 149 other people is homicide."

Kevin Standlee on LJ on How voting "No award" in the Hugos work. Quote: "In the initial counting of ballots, we count No Award like any other candidate."
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For January, I joined trobadora's Write Every Day. So what happens on Dec 31st? Read more... )
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... aber vielleicht nicht ganz wie geplant: Mehrere Suchmaschinen zeigen Verlagsseiten nicht mehr an.

Short explanation in English )

Of course, no one could have expected that...
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It's cold and grey and rainy, and I wanted something sweet and hot and filling for lunch and not spend to much time on it, so: Polenta with stewed pears )

Now I'm warm and happy.
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I will be making that LonCon post, just not now.

Day before yesterday, I baked prune pizza. For some reason it turned out rather tart, although the prunes had been sweet. So yesterday I asked C___ to bring some cream (which turned into something a lot like clotted cream when I whipped it), and I made caramelised almonds )

Back home

Aug. 19th, 2014 10:58 pm
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That was fun.


Aug. 11th, 2014 10:40 pm
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I have finally managed to book -- not a flight, because the hassle around flying was enough to make me run screaming from the computer, fortunately Ceridwen was around to keep me from running too far -- but a train ticket to London. Trains are nice, especially because they create some temporal distance between "work" and "fun" and give the brain time to switch modes. Also, change of trains in Brussels = Belgian chocolate!

I have a membership and a hotel room, and a program, and now I am thinking about what I am going to wear, and if anyone I know online might be there.

One day of work left...

Edit: Removed friendslock.


Aug. 6th, 2014 09:40 am
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It's the middle of the dog days, yet, thanks to daylight saving time, the bright part of the year is over. When I get up, the sun is not yet in the sky, and I bicycle through thick, cold mist and arrive at work with my wool clothes covered in silver grey water drops.

Of course, going home, it is still hotter than a nice autumn afternoon should be, and my bicycle is loaded with clothes that are suited only for the cold unholy hours of early morning.

Well, spending a little time in town after work, to window-shop and eat ice cream, is no fun when you are dragging around your winter gear: So at least DST saves me some money for what it costs me in daylight.

Did I mention I hate it? (Don't answer that.)
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We didn't play today, because one player is on vacation, another has three tests to take tomorrow, and the one characters has been turned into a fox: This left the party with one fighter, not enough to continue with the adventure.

Instead, we had dinner, and the idea to play some broad games, but we got lost in talking.

Oven veggies and peaches )

In other news, I got Secunda from the repair shop today.
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Yesterday evening I said to Ceridwen, "The usual. I did nothing this week". She remarked that that could not be true. She was right. So, before another week ends up in my mind as "nothing happened" and another year disappears in the "nothing has happened" fog, I'll try to keep at least a short list. Cut for boring.

Rain )
Car troubles )
Choir party )

Sunday Ceridwen came back from a music festival and we had some tea and cake.
And today it looks like there will be another thunderstorm, and I am again driving Ceridwen's car.
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Yesterday I didn't close the freezer door fully before going to work. I think the veggies, the bread and the ice cream will survive, as the ice cubes didn't even melt, but I have doubts about the fish. So, yesterday, there was unexpected fish )
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I promised the role-players to post the recipe, so, here it is: Edamame and Chick Pea Salad )

For dessert, we had a simple Red currant cake )

ETA: Fixed amount of berries! 250g is correct.
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I'm still alive, kind of. Work is eating my brain, and not in a good way. 2007 was pretty insane, but it was also exciting and in a way, fun. This is just running like a fox runs from the hounds. Anyway.

In the months since my last posting, I went to California with Ceridwen, did a lot of roleplaying, spend a pleasant, if jet lagged weekend on choir practise, got drafted into scripting the performace for the choir's next self-organized concerto, we had four performance, I had a nervous breakdown during dress rehearsal, made a bunch of not-very-good cakes, went to two three-day training from work, and feel as if I have not done much to explain where I left all that time, or why I have not posted.

But anyway: Still alive.
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Did I mention that I've been getting a lot of eggs? ;->

Tortilla Espanola with green things )
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I could have gone to a barbecue to celebrate G___'s birthday today, but I opted for some R&R instead.

Too little sleep and too much dreaming )But the day was not entirely without its ups, and in the good tradition of the last, what, year? more? saved the day: Food! Specifically, Rump steak with Cognac-Orange-Cream Sauce )
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Usually I would not have tried a dough that heavy with fruit, but I was curious. Black-and-White-Cake with Peaches )
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(I call it a casserole here, but it's halfway to a soufflé: it rises on beaten egg whites, but it does not use a milk/egg yolk custard as a base.)

I am getting lots of fresh eggs from free-range chickens at the moment (big, strong chickens that chase off the farm cats if the cats happen to be in their way), so I've been looking into recipes that need lots of eggs.

After a less-than-succesful cheesecake where the soft wheat semolina was too al dente, and the whole thing lost all volume overnight, I tried something which would not get the chance to collapse at cooling and would give the semolina sufficient time and heat. So: Curd Cheese Casserole )

This serves six. It's medium-sweet, even with the fruit, and considered a main dish in Germany. To balance it somewhat, you might serve a salad as a starter.

Variants: If you can't have wheat, the recipe should work just fine with polenta. If you want to do something savory with curd cheese, replace the seminola pudding with mashed potatoes and the sugar with grated cheese, and the fruit with veggies to taste.

BTW, while I was trying to translate cooking terms, I happened on this: Cooking for Engineers: Dark Chocolate Soufflé.