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Did I mention that I've been getting a lot of eggs? ;->

Tortilla Espaņola with green things )
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I could have gone to a barbecue to celebrate G___'s birthday today, but I opted for some R&R instead.

Too little sleep and too much dreaming )But the day was not entirely without its ups, and in the good tradition of the last, what, year? more? saved the day: Food! Specifically, Rump steak with Cognac-Orange-Cream Sauce )
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Usually I would not have tried a dough that heavy with fruit, but I was curious. Black-and-White-Cake with Peaches )
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(I call it a casserole here, but it's halfway to a soufflé: it rises on beaten egg whites, but it does not use a milk/egg yolk custard as a base.)

I am getting lots of fresh eggs from free-range chickens at the moment (big, strong chickens that chase off the farm cats if the cats happen to be in their way), so I've been looking into recipes that need lots of eggs.

After a less-than-succesful cheesecake where the soft wheat semolina was too al dente, and the whole thing lost all volume overnight, I tried something which would not get the chance to collapse at cooling and would give the semolina sufficient time and heat. So: Curd Cheese Casserole )

This serves six. It's medium-sweet, even with the fruit, and considered a main dish in Germany. To balance it somewhat, you might serve a salad as a starter.

Variants: If you can't have wheat, the recipe should work just fine with polenta. If you want to do something savory with curd cheese, replace the seminola pudding with mashed potatoes and the sugar with grated cheese, and the fruit with veggies to taste.

BTW, while I was trying to translate cooking terms, I happened on this: Cooking for Engineers: Dark Chocolate Soufflé.
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Kameron Hurley guest-blogs at Charles Stross' place: Tragedy as Comfort Fiction: On Death, Drama, Disaster & Saving the World

I have been looking for takes on why we, "are reading 'Dracula' while up to our armpits in blood" (to paraphrase, IIRC, Alan Moore), and this is one that feels like it's on to something.
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Title says it all. Life is a game, this is your strategy. I especially like the handling of the willpower stat -- so much that I want to implement it. Someone stop me before house rules again reach a critical mass and collapse into a singularity!

(via A Stitch in Time)
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This guy is serious about his quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie: The Science of the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies. (via siderea on LJ)
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For months I had wondered why I need a little under 60 minutes to bicycle to work in summer, but 70 to 75 minutes in winter.

Yesterday it hit me. In winter it's dark. Can't go as fast when you can see less than 10 metres ahead.
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Gaming yesterday, and eating well.

Braised Pork with Squash and Curry spices )

In other news, I have applied for vacation in August, and if I get it I will be at LonCon3 with K___ and two of her friends. Don't know yet if I'll take the car with the others, or fly, or go by train. Anyway, need my vacation OK'd first.

The Hobbit

Jan. 6th, 2014 02:50 am
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Just came back from watching "The Hobbit II" with flederkatz. I loved the images and the design, but I could have used a lot less action and a lot more suspense. I'm saying this for every movie I've seen in the last years, I feel, but really, the book had more suspense than this movie.
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2013, you were, well, not a mess, but a never-ending row of just one damned thing after another.

I know you did a lot for me, and I even managed to regain some of the energy that 2012 cost me, but with you, there was never a moment a person could feel safe and comfortable.

You cost me friends, actually about half of my support system (but you brought one back), you were cold when I needed spring flowers, you flooded everyone's cellar but mine, you burned through Summer so that I still have the tan lines, you pulled this way and that and never gave it a rest, and ambushed me with holiday stress just when I thought that it was done.

Your every work day had me blindly navigate the hills and crevices of a system implemented by the forces of change and chaos, that shifted underfoot as I lumbered along, until I was barely able to move, and then you changed it with something fun and challenging and made it three times the size I could sanely manage.

I never really knew what to do with you, but now the question is, fortunately, out of my hands. Whatever we had, it's over. You go wherever used up time goes, and I look at 2014 crawling nearer by the minute with a deeper distrust than I looked at you, 365 days back.

Anyway, a Happy New Year to everyone!
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Diary again, because last week was one of those where one looks back some months later and wonders, "was I even alive in that period?"

I made it through the last week before the holidays. Barely. Cut for boring )
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Your electric kettle might be sneaking into your WiFi (and not to be calling pots black on some forum...)
via Charles Stross, who has, of course, more ideas on the topic.
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After the very good results with the cookies from the Welsh cookbook, I attempted a Tea-and-fruitcake )

ETA: Turned out fine. With less sugar, it tasted more like bread than like cake, so I served it with butter, and everyone liked it.
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Not Christmas cookies, but does it matter?

In a Welsh cookbook I found the follwing recipe for walnut cookies ) Something similar in ginger )
More ideas )

Anyway, very good cookies, with lots of possibilities for playing around.

ETA: I suspect I made a complete mess of British and American terms here...
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I cooked this for the gaming group today, and it was fast and simple, and very tasty. I had expected it to turn out well (obviously), but in fact it was even better. It's also vegetarian and can be made vegan with little effort. Get the kale frozen and already chopped, or it will not be fast... The following will probably feed six. If you want to make sure it's enough, just make more pasta.

Pasta with kale and apricots )

In other news, I bicycled to work today although temperatures were below freezing. It was fun, but now my throat hurts. My new coat does not close well over the chest. I am trying to get an outdoor jacket. So far I have not found one that I liked.
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I might be going to Loncon 3 next year.