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Yesterday we were RPGing, and as it's still freezing cold, flederkatz and I cooked a mixed-meat stew with black beans the day before. It looked a little unconvincing (mostly brown), but tasted very good. Read more... )
Feeds 6 to 8.

Edited to fix some copy-paste errors.
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You need:
- A large frying pan
- An oven large enough for the frying pan
- Something to turn a 2 lbs. piece of meat with
- A meat thermometer (or good instincts)
- Tin foil

For six:
- 3 lbs. of back of veal without bones
- Coarse salt
- Black pepper
- Olive oil (about 4 tablespoons)

Get the veal from a good butcher. Try not to faint at the price. 3 lbs. are likely to be two pieces, see that the pieces have the same thickness. Measure that thickness (in centimetres).

Get the veal out of the fridge 30 minutes before preparation. Pre-heat the stove to 150°.
Rub the meat with salt and pepper. Heat olive oil in the pan until it starts to smell nice. If you have a powerful stove, do not use the highest setting, but medium high. Fry the veal on both sides until it starts to brown. Then put the pan in the oven at middle height.

Leave it in for about 10 minutes per centimetre, then check inner temperature. Should be about 65°C. When you are getting close, 5 minutes can make a difference of 5 degrees!

Get the pan out. Let the oven cool down to 50 to 60°C. Get the meat out of the pan and wrap in tinfoil (what was "up" during roasting should now be "down"). Put in oven to rest (together with the plates you are going to use) and make/finish the other dishes (about 20 minutes).

Note that you cannot create gravy from the contents of the frying pan -- it's too salty!

I made a sauce from shallots, a garlic clove, cognac, gravy paste, a bit of orange peel, and cream, and served cowberries on the side. If I did not have gravy paste, I might have roasted a bit of tomato paste after the shallots started to brown and thickened the sauce with a bit of starch after the alcohol had boiled away.

Cut in thin slices when serving.

To re-heat, spread slices on a plate and microwave to lukewarm. You are doing yourself a disservice if you try to get it back to "hot".

I served it with Brussels sprouts and boiled potatoes the first day, with green beans and potato croquettes the second, and ate the rest on toasted pita bread. All very good.
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I could have gone to a barbecue to celebrate G___'s birthday today, but I opted for some R&R instead.

Too little sleep and too much dreaming )But the day was not entirely without its ups, and in the good tradition of the last, what, year? more? saved the day: Food! Specifically, Rump steak with Cognac-Orange-Cream Sauce )
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This was cooking from scratch. It would have been a lot easier with refrigerated beans and tomatoes from a can, but I really wanted to try it with fresh ingredients... so. Read more... )
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Flederkatz and her boyfriend P___ still do not have a kitchen, so I invited them, as well as Ceridwen and Gwydion, for some "real food", and a game of "Settlers of Catan" on Sunday.

Food-wise, it's cherry season, and we hadn't had meat in a while, so I made Pork fillet bits with sour cherries )

We finished with coffee and then played a long round of Settlers, which Ceridwen won (as usual, I am tempted to say). When we finished, it was too late for a second round, so we continued with "Zoff im Zoo" (a simple card game). P___ won both rounds, one in record time.

Around eleven we called it a night, and I offered to walk flederkatz and her boyfriend to the train station -- because of construction work, the paths are always shifting.

Unfortunately, not only the paths shifted, but also the platforms, and the time tables, so, after waiting about 45 minutes for a train, we lost patience, walked back to my place, and I drove them home.

So of course I overslept on Monday...
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It rained all the rest of Saturday, all of Sunday and most of Monday. The neighbourhood took turns pumping and mopping water. Monday, the caretakers came in and took care. Monday evening we discovered that water had come through the wall in a cellar close to Ceridwen's and had gone into her boxes of books. :-&

Fortunately I had the gaming group over and we quickly sorted the dry into my cellar, the wet into her flat.

Today the sun shines. The bicycle paths that run between the river and the Autobahn are flooded. My car is in the shop for technical inspection. I will still try and get some shelving from the home improvement store this evening.

Flederkatz arrived Sunday evening. Today she's opening the new store that she's now manager of.

Considering that it was like winter, I did a wintery stew for the gaming group: Beef stew with two kinds of beans, and potatoes )

This goes on my list of "picks you up on a damp and dreary day"-food.
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30. Ein gut spise.

Nim hüenre. die brat niht volle gar. entlide die zu morseln. und laz sie sieden nur in smaltze und wazzers. und nim eine rinden brotes und ingeber und ein wenic pfeffers und anis. daz mal mit ezzige. und mit dem selben sodich in. und nim vier gebraten küten. und daz condiment dar zu. der hüenren. laz ez wol da mit sieden. daz ez werde eben dicke. hastu niht küten so nim gebraten bieren. und mach ez da mite. und gibz hin und versaltz ez niht.

(Source: Das Buoch von guoter Spise, Würzburg ca. 1350, also here.)

Read more... )

Have to feed this to my gaming group one of these days. (All but one of them are, or have been, medieval re-enactors, so the dish might be familiar to them.)
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I meant to put that into yesterday's post, but forgot.
Green tomato chutney )
Stir-fried beef )


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