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This week had a public holiday on Thursday, which is always good.

Other than that...

Work )
Role Playing Games )
Music )
Movie: Wonder Woman )
Cat troubles )
Weekend )

And that was it, more or less. Quite a normal week, really. Execpt with one day off.

My Weekend

Jun. 5th, 2017 11:52 pm
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I've come to that point again where, if I do not forgive me all the postings I meant to make and didn't, I will never make another posting again. So, forgiven.

It's the Whitsunday weekend, which makes it a long weekend with Monday being a public holiday. It's also the main weekend of the town's (in)famous ten-day beer fest, and a good time to have friends over.

A___ had come to visit from Trier, and we had plans including: "showing her 10K people in Bavarian drag getting drunk as skunks", "making strawberry cake", "discussing role playing game rules" and "playing Deadlands with the Lyorn as a GM, so that flederkatz gets a chance to play, too." We had some other ideas, which did not work out.

Saturday )
Saturday night )
Sunday )
Monday )
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We used the three-day-weekend for a relaxed character-driven role playing game Read more... )

We cooked chicken casserole (feeds 6 to 8) Read more... )
And a pull-apart bread for dessert Read more... )
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Though I cannot blame "not writing" on "travelling"... but just a few notes here, for me to keep track of my life.

Currently I'm on holiday, but at home. Trying to do something about my to-do list, because I barely managed to keep up with the necessities so far.

May 6th to 9th we had a choir weekend in the Bayerische Musikakademie in Alteglofsheim. I did not get lost in the building this time!

May 10th to May 15th I was home because of a family emergency. I did not really plan that. Fortunately, I got time off work on very short (4 workdays) notice.

May 26th to May 29th we were at the choir festival in Stuttgart. It was OK. Hot. Some thunderstorms. A bunch of good and a few very good choirs, but nothing that knocked off my socks. (Maybe the Swingles. But they were kind of in a class of their own.)

Jun 7th to Jun 14 I took the Hurtigruten Boat trip from Kirkenes to Bergen, Read more... )

I read Naomi Novik's "Uprooted" (nice, liked it), Perceval Everett's "God's Country" (good, hated it), Catherine Asaro's "Carnelians" (OTT, but fun), and half of Daniel Kahneman's "Thinking, Fast and Slow" (very interesting, but I argued a lot with it in the margins).

Other than travelling, we played our on-going SF campaign on May 22nd, Read more... )

We had a few performances with the choirRead more... )

Sunday Jun 5th I held a Kaffeeklatsch Read more... )

I'm feeling kind of OK now. As long as I do not think about having to go back to work in a week's time. Maybe I'll write something more about the Norway vacation. But, knowing myself, most likely not.
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I'm browsing the Barnes and Noble Bookseller Picks on

I see that there is a novel in it by Seanan Maguire.

The blurb starts with, The latest October Daye novel starts off with our favorite half-fae, half-human adventurer

And I remember 2500 word WoD fic fragment from the changeling mailing list that David Lennier sent me in August 1997, with no author's name or address to follow up on.

I checked the fragment.

Seems I have to get a book of that series. Might have to send one to David, too.
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I just went outside to see the falling stars, which should be very numerous and visible this night, but the sky was hazy, and the city too bright, even from the not-reached-but-streetlights yard.

Other things:

It's too hot. Weather forecast says temperature will drop by 10 or 15 degrees on Friday or Saturdays. It seems impossible.

Work is crazy. With 1/4 of our team on vacation, I could put in 10 hours a day and the pile of things to do would *still* get higher. Also, shit keeps happening and I had a miserable headache today.

Yesterday night I stumbled on a story I had started before the longest writer's block ever struck, six years ago now, and I barely recognized my own voice in it. Was I ever that brilliant? It's scary.

Saturday we had a role playing game, flederkatz GM'ed Deadlands. Fun. Too short. We killed a few monsters that wanted to eat us, and broke into a secret base, and left as unnoticed as we came. (We think.)

We now have a chance to think if the guys we are after are really the bad guys. On one hand, kidnapping orphans and stockpiling what seems to be a hidden marine base in a place that is at peace only because of poverty and exhaustion is not looking good. On the other hand, we do not know exactly what happened to these orphan's parents (presumed dead after an earthquake where part of the town dropped into the sea) and we haven't the foggiest whose base it is, except that it seems well-maintained. There might be more than one group active here. Actually, one could make a very good point for two. So, shall we call in the cavalry?

Also, I got some of the best prune plums ever, and made the best Zwetschgenstreuselkuchen ever, helped by the heat, which made the yeast happy, and by confusing the amounts of sugar and flour for the Streusel, which meant that they got crunchy-caramel-like, and some butter melted out of the Streusel at baking.
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If last week was better than expected even when it shouldn't have been, this week ...wasn't. Read more... )
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Our biweekly role playing game session on Monday was plagued by chaos, Read more... )

Sunday, we had been playing Blue Planet. Read more... )

And just when I was home, Read more... )

Yesterday, there was a meeting of the owner's association for the block where my new flat is. Read more... )

Generally, life is ticking along. July does it's best to show the lackadaisical previous six months of the year how a real month does its jobs. Read more... )

I bicycle to work most days, do not sleep enough, and don't know where the time goes. So, what else is new?
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Yesterday we played "Necropolis 2350", which is a quite tactical RPG with miniatures and a tape measure. I like tactical, and I like having stuff to see and touch. Usually, tactics is no fun in unfamiliar systems and settings, but the game engine is enough like Deadlands to give me an idea what I can do and how to do it.

There is one problem, though: I find that more and more I dislike games where my character is not only a card-carrying member of a lawful neutral organisation, but has sworn a sacred oath of goonship. It's OK as long as there are monsters to fight, but every shade of grey just messes up the game.

I can do it, playing a Dragon-blooded in Exalted, because while we are members of the legion and part of the chain of command, while we have history and family and are damn arrogant bastards, we are sufficiently powerful and arrogant to have (or create for ourselves) a lot of discretion in how to follow our orders, and are sufficiently important that should we throw a fit over some command, the result will be drama and not a firing squad.

I can do it in Werewolf, because while Werewolves are fanatics, the things they are fanatic about leave me a lot of room to decide on implementation, and disagreeing with one's Elders will usually lead to fur flying re-negotiations.

In Vampire, rebelling against one's own and one's society's destructive nature is one of the very themes of the game.

But in Engel, and now in Necropolis, I feel the characters have no damn agency, and the setting does not lend itself to creating some for them. When the character is some grunt in the trenches defending the Fatherland against the subhuman hordes, when he's been indoctrinated from birth, when the game is not about "how we came to join the revolution" because there is none, the very set-up of the world in its bleak dark grey and black does not allow for it, can't reason with the undead -- how driven by the spirit of enlightenment can the character be?

Good thing I am playing a greenhorn of limited intelligence. When in doubt, wait for orders.

What makes it very strange is that the setting reminds me a lot of "Outsiders", only with undead instead of killer cyborgs and church/corporate instead of states/corporate/misc. Can't reason with killer cyborgs, either. But in Outsiders I never felt that my character had no agency. A difference in handling (GMing) or in genre? Have to think some more about it.

Does any of this make sense?
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Easter was a welcome opportunity to make and then eat lots of food.

On Friday I also managed to finally tidy up my wardrobe (again). Bunch of stuff had to go for not fitting me anymore (again). N___ and Snow offered advice, support, and took a few shirts and T-Shirts.

Friday and Sunday I mostly spent preparing food.

Fruit cake with marzipan )
Pasta salad with basil pesto )
Spelt focaccia with goat cheese )
Carrot and leek soup )
Marinated filet of pork )
Eggs and green sauce )

...and a role playing game )

And then it was Tuesday, I had to go to work, and was hung over from too much food and, one suspects, eggnog. (*sigh*)
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I made this yesterday, and brought it for our Monday role playing game session today, and now it's all gone. Easy to make more, though. It looks like black bread, but is a spicy, slightly damp cake. Read more... )

I have some difficulties with our current RPG campaign, because our characters are arrogant, super-powered, young aristocrats (Exalted DragonBlooded, to be exact), and my normal mode of play is sneaky, understated and diplomatic. Now we have to extract tribute from a barbarian chieftain, and realistically we can offer him neither trade nor threats -- we have nothing, and the army post we are stationed in is a joke. We can, however, lie, bluff, promise, cajole, bullshit, trick, or scam, to our hearts' content. My character is good with people, so I designed a performance which will, if luck is with us, dazzle the chieftain and make him want to throw his lot in with the biggest bully on the bloc as quickly as he can.

No idea if it will work, but it was fun to make up.

My week

Oct. 10th, 2010 12:42 am
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It could have been worse, I guess. Cut for probably boring list of events )

If anyone is wondering why they don't hear from me, that's why.
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N___ was in town for a long weekend, so I played a "flashback" with the Midgard group. It had to be finished in one evening, and I wanted something light-hearted and fun, with no big battles.

Some months ago the group could not be convinced to do a job for a friendly old wizard who offered too-generous pay to liberate some information from his colleagues. One of the colleagues, they later learned, was an agrarian necromancer, creating zombies to do farmwork.

By the time the story took place, I imagined the wizards would have moved on, but their feud and treasure hunt would leave them too busy to clean up all their messes. Plus, the characters had delivered a few letters for the friendly old wizard (who was giving gentle hints to the authorities about necromancy, to put pressure on his dear colleagues), and in the next adventure they had already encountered some zombies walking around aimlessly, so: Enough dangling threads.

Read more... )

ETA: Fixed typos (thanks, [ profile] mad_freddy)
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I won't be at the gaming convention this weekend. Last year I brought back the cold from hell, and the people I'm playing with are the ones I play with anyway.

Is anyone going? [ profile] mad_freddy? Because there's *one* guy I'd like to talk to, but I do not feel liky paying for a day just in the hope of seeing him.

A line from the weather report: "Two events can end this cold spell: Mild Atlantic air coming through, or, starting in March, higher intensity of sunshine. Going by the current maps, it's likely to be the latter."
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Again we only had a short weekend for our WoD Crossover RPG, because our GM was at a whiskey tasting on Friday, and arrived at David's place Saturday early with her boyfriend and a hangover. The rest of us still came in later than she, because we had longer drives or more traffic jams.

The new cracky superpowered dimension-hopping RPG adventures! )
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We were playing our WoD crossover campaign again this weekend -- only Saturday and Sunday, because too many players were busy on Friday, including me. (Work, btw, is still insane.) We drove over to F___, leaving at 8 in the morning, so we arrived just in time for breakfast. I was dead tired in the afternoon and had to catch a nap while the others were exploring the archives of a lost city. Cut for description of cracky superpowered dimension-hopping RPG adventure. ) The archive is now broken, but we have downloaded a lot of music, poetry, and enough books on philosophy, metaphysics and comparative theology to keep our werewolf happy for years, trying to find the key to universal peace and understanding.

The night to Saturday I dreamt of rotting corpses that I knew I had to clean up sooner or later. Night to Sunday, I dreamt I was doing my job. I could see the lines of code I was debugging in my dream, and every time I thought I fixed it I got new requirements. Consensus over breakfast was that dreaming of rotting corpses is OK, dreaming of having to tidy up is a warning, and dreaming of work is a sign of approaching insanity and means that one needs to change one's ways.
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(well, Dreamwidth, to be exact, but it overlaps)

Jonathan Tweet (Ars Magica, Sorcerer's Crusade) makes a total ass out of himself on his LJ by a) believing in evo psych gender essentialism, and b) using it to explain why so few women play role playing games.


The guy has clearly spent too much time designing character classes and now believes that everyone is born into one.

Well. He does kind of apologize and says he has never before realised that some boys only gaming groups behave badly towards girls who want to play. Remember, this is the guy who wrote for White Wolf. Which had fucking essays on this fucking topic in their fucking magazine in fucking 1994.

The German word for this is "merkbefreit".

ETA: [ profile] jhkim dissects in more detail.
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This weekend, we were driving over to David's and H___'s place again for another round in our long-running WoD crossover game. The most exciting out of game part was that the weather forecast had promised heavy snow, but we had only a few flurries of snow half-way, and none at all on the way back, although it was quite cold. I was running around in a T-shirt and found it refreshing. Ceridwen was wearing a jumper and an anorak and got a cold.


Our group is still in that steam punk world. More role playing talk behind the cut )

H___'s black-and-white cat had lost weight and clumsiness and was very cute. Her white cat had grown immense amounts of fur and spend one night outside, despite the freezing and the light snowfall.

The most fun thing apart from role-playing was watching the Top Gear video about the Toyota Hi-Lux (YouTube vids linked through Wikipedia, here.).

Sunday after I came home there was more snow, and Monday I___ phoned me at work to tell me that two cars had crashed in my street and one of them had at least messed up Secunda's paint. So now I have to deal with the insurance. Just great.


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