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I'm trying not to make this the Post That Ate The World.
(Note: I'm referring to the program items as I have them in my notes. Which is the keywords that made sense to me, not necessarily the title.)

Getting there... )

The rest of Tuesday )

Wednesday )

Thursday )

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

The Rest of Sunday )

And that's it, so far.
I am sure that I mixed up *something* in this summary.
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I'm browsing the Barnes and Noble Bookseller Picks on

I see that there is a novel in it by Seanan Maguire.

The blurb starts with, The latest October Daye novel starts off with our favorite half-fae, half-human adventurer

And I remember 2500 word WoD fic fragment from the changeling mailing list that David Lennier sent me in August 1997, with no author's name or address to follow up on.

I checked the fragment.

Seems I have to get a book of that series. Might have to send one to David, too.
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That went well.

- John Scalzi makes Schadenfreude pie. With chocolate.
- Wired has a useful overview about what was going on.
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I love deadlines. I especially like the whooshing sound they make as they go flying by.

I still managed to not to get run over by this one. (*is proud of herself*)

Now, try to get that site ballot on the way in time....
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[ profile] trobadora has been suggesting a re-read of Bujold's Vorkosigan series.

I think I'll join. Talking about books is fun.

Anyone else interested, go here.
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[ profile] 12_12_12's "Field Guide: How to Recognize a Bad Boy Woobie." makes me (fondly) think of long-bygone Methosian discussions on

Some thoughts reminisces below the cut. Read more... )
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The weather forecast said something about rain this night, but guess what? It's snowing. Again.

Because I was too lazy to dig out my car and not confident enough to bicycle through the old-and-new snow I walked a lot this week. Which was fun. I also took the bus a few times, which wasn't.

Food )
Waters of Mars/End of Time (mild spoilers) )
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I had a hell of a CoE flashback today at singing lesson for no good reason at all and came home as if I had been in a collision accident with a low-flying frying pan. And I had an idea that might not go anywhere but I'll put it here so I don't forget.

Idea is spoilery )

DVDs arrived today. Will have to re-watch and think some more.
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Just finished a whole-series-in-one-day marathon with the gang.

Here be spoilers )

12. It was weird seeing the places in Cardiff where I've been two months ago on TV again.

ETA: 13. I am now re-reading [ profile] rm's and [ profile] kalichan's Harbour because it will make me feel better.
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RULES: Comment and I'll LJ stalk you to find THREE FANDOMS you apparently love. And then you answer these questions about them!

01: What got you into this fandom in the first place?
02: Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
03: Favorite episodes/books/movies/etc.?
04: Do you participate in this fandom (fanfiction, graphics, discussions)?
05: Do you think that more people should get into this fandom?

I got Torchwood, Perry Rhodan and Highlander from [ profile] trobadora,

In chronological order:
Perry Rhodan )
Highlander )
Torchwood )
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When looking for a parking space this morning, I had to explore a few streets where I had not been before, and discovered two puddles larger than some village ponds, that reflected the sky, and a park with young trees and a stone face. The park was only a hundred metres in one direction, but seemed to reach to the horizon in the other. When I came back from work, the computer sciences building was visible on the far end of the park, and the giant puddles reflected the stars.

Later in the evening I went to choir practise, and one woman had brought a bunch of bats in a box. (The trees where the bats were sleeping in are about to be cut down, and the bats will spend the last cold day in boxes.) The smallest, a Pipistrelle, was only 4 cm long and had fur so soft that I could hardly feel it under my finger, and tiny back paws. It could hang from a fingernail. (BTW, [ profile] flederkatz, their knees actually do bend backwards. So I was wrong about that.) The largest was a Common Noctule which was in a bad mood, probably because it was underweight and hungry.

Note to [ profile] cyrna, the German translation or Torchwood is OK. I think Gwen's voice is too girlish, Owen's is slightly off and Jack's just isn't the same, but there weren't any real OMGWTF moments. I did not notice any cut scenes, but if I feel obsessive this weekend I'll check the tape versus the transcript.
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Gacked from [ profile] alara_r.

I should be preparing a story for upload and find a title for it, so of course I'm doing memes instead.

Have you ever followed friends/favorite authors into a fandom without ever having seen/read the source material?

All the time. My usual way of getting into a fandom is, "Hey, cool people are writing this, let's find out what it's about. Looks interesting. Then, a) old version: Wonder if it's on TV any time soon? Sends a mental message to obliging TV fairy. Watches source material. (Happened with Sentinel, Buffy and Professionals). b) new version: Wonder how much the DVDs are? Gets DVDs. Watches source material (Happened with Doctor Who, Torchwood, Life on Mars. Jury's still out on Supernatural.)

Have you ever really enjoyed the source material, read the work of specific authors into a fandom, and yet have no interest in the fandom as a whole?

Most non-TV fandom. Harry Potter and LotR are something of an exception, because I enjoy the meta.

Have you ever been strenuously pimped by your friends into another fandom and immediately fell in love with the source material?

...No? I react very badly to "you have to see it, it's just so great!". I nearly missed Babylon 5 because of that. The best way to get me into a fandom if you are not some great fanfic writer who I never met is invite me over for a nice evening of watching TV or DVDs. That got me into B5, House, and X-Files.

Have you ever gotten into a TV show/movie before your friends and busily pimped the source material to them in the hopes that a fandom would ensue?

Yes, and I'm reasonably effective at it. Though my friends are more just fans that actually "in a fandom".

Have you ever gotten into a TV show/movie and tried to pimp it to your friends only to find out that they'd just gotten into it as well and were about to pimp right back?

Not impossible, but cannot remember at the moment.

Have you ever been part of a mass migration into another fandom?

No. I form strong attachments. I get into new fandoms strongly, but abandon the old ones only very gradually, if at all.
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[ profile] flederkatz has to present a book to her intermediate level English class (don't ask why on earth she is taking that class). Wisely, she has chosen Neil Gaiman's Graveyard Book, which is as close to perfect as it comes for the occasion.

Then, she and I were considering books that would be the diametrical opposite of "perfect for the occasion". Five books you do not want to introduce your intermediate level English class to. )

Also, some links )
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Little cat decided some time last night that life was boring, and spend the next 12 hours bumping into me if not stopped from doing so by a closed door, and meowing loudly. I was wondering if he had eaten coffee beans or something, or being stung by something painful and was demanding I do something about it. So I took him to the vet this morning and of course he was perfectly fine and reasonble meek. I'd say No more coffee for you!, but I don't even have coffee.

I finally got the Torchwood Series 2 DVDs. I had been warned that they are nothing special, very light on extras and the design is nothing to squee about, but I did still squee because the DVDs are my first chance to actually watch it.

Now if luck stays with me I'll be spoiler proof in about seven days and don't have to wander through LJ with eyes half-closed anymore.
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... when everyone is asking you for donations. I had three in my letterbox this morning, one of them obviously hand-written by an eleven-year old.

And as everyone is currently asking you to donate to their pet cause, so, being a good fangirl, do I.

[ profile] skzbrust, after some medical trouble, is in dire need of funds. (Follow-up here.) He's not asking for donations but has let his fans bully him into puting up a tip jar. It's paypal, so you need a credit card to send money.

If you feel that the books were worth more to you than you paid for it, and have some spare cash, consider donating.

And, for the occasion: The Dragaeran Cycle of Houses, by silversaff.


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