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I promised some journal-y things, mostly to myself, because I dread looking back at the year in December and think, "2013, did that year even happen? What did I do?"

So, here they are.
Music )
Vacation, week 1 )
Vacation, week 2 )
Back to work )

And that's pretty much it, for now.
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Instead of making music, I spent the last two days sorting books and papers. I did not do it before the move, so I have to do it afterwards.

Some thoughts:

* I have less books than I thought.
** Both in general and specifically.
*** There are BOOKS MISSING!!!

* I have books I never saw before.

* The amount of role playing game stuff I have is beyond absurd.
** OMG when did I *get* all that???
*** Little wonder I was broke most of the 1990s.

* I sure have a lot of comic books and pulp novels.
** I guess if I made a heap of them, it would be about 7 metres high.
*** Do I really want to keep those?

* OMG, why did I keep *that* piece of paper?
** and that?
*** and that?
**** .... oh. There's a half-finished story on the backside. (*goes to file piece of paper*)
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Now the year is as good as over, the end of my long vacation has appeared on my horizon, the flat is in a functional state, and the bills are paid.

Next year: Order the new place. Get everything where it should be. If it should be "not here", get rid of it. If it should be "here" but isn't, consider carefully the benefits vs. the cost, before getting it. Read more. Write more. Don't waste so much time on the internet. Try to regain some balance and peace of mind. Play with the cats a lot. Keep cool.

Get internet service and a land line somehow. Or would that be counterproductive? (*is considering carefully*)

Anyway, here's the tale of the rest of the move, chronicled for my own need of memory.

Fri Dec 7th to Tue Dec 11th: I left my heart in a packing case... )
Wed Dec 12th to Sat Dec 15: Normalcy rises again )
Sun Dec 16th: The Great Unpacking, and The Hobbit )
Mon Dec 17th to Sat Dec 22nd: The dust clears )
Sun Dec 23rd to Thu Dec 27th: Very lazy holidays )
Fri Dec 28th to Mon Dec 31st: The year ends )

So, here we are. New flat. Year's about to end. World didn't. Eleven people will come over for a party on New Years Eve. I'm looking forward to it.

2012, in retrospective (warning: Angst) )
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All the boxes are unpacked. Nearly all bugs in the new place (drippy drains, dead power sockets, always-on heating) have been fixed. I___ has lent me a surf stick (which is expensive to use). The cats have mostly overcome the trauma of the move. Very suddenly it's nearly Christmas.
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The move is progressing. The cats are fine.

Web access for the new flat isn't.

It might become quiet here for a while.
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I am sitting in the kitchen, drinking tea. The cats are hiding in the empty cupboards. Outside, it's a white, overcast day, with a little bit of snow falling.

The movers have taken away one small lorry full of stuff to the new flat, where Utto will oversee the unloading. So I do not need to hurry over there, but can sit here, in the only room not looking like the end of the world, and watch the snow and the birds, arrange stuff online, and write journal entries.
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The kitchen in the new place exists.
So does the cat net.

I spent twelve hours (not counting a one-hour lunch break) in the new place today while the work was getting done. I measured, planned, answered questions and hoped that this whole thing would somehow work. Travelling Utto was there from noon on and was generally helpful.

Tomorrow: Putting all my stuff into boxes.
I feel completely unprepared. I haven't even tidied up the place, and now I won't.
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I feel that I'm getting tired, or lazy, or focused on the basics. Some tasks start to get moved from one day to another, never completed. I do too much of nothing, and not even the things I want to do when I have nothing else to do.

In part I blame the weather, but mostly the need to meet some carpenter or plumber or electrician every darned morning, so I never can start a day rested and energetic.

Wednesday: Looking at furniture, and music fail )
Thursday: The drag continues, panic sets in )
So. Tomorrow )

Send good thoughts.
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As of 9 o'clock this morning, I have the keys! The flat is mine!


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