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Oct. 14th, 2017 10:36 pm
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Yes, there are those. Today was good in a way I hardly noticed, but it was. Read more... )
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[personal profile] siderea quoted Scalzi on the matter,

It's hard to focus when the world is on fire, and with novelists in particular, I suspect that sometimes it's hard to focus when you've got the suspicion that your fiction is almost frivolous in the context of what's going on right now.

and replied with a quote from Watership Down (read it at her journal).

What Scalzi's text brought to my mind was a line from a Brecht poem, which I memorised as a teen because if felt approriate: "Was sind das für Zeiten/Wo ein Gespräch über Bäume schon ein Verbrechen ist/Weil es das Schweigen über soviele Untaten einschließt." (What times are these/where talking about trees is almost a crime/because it means being silent on so much outrage.) (Text and [different] translation here.)

In other kind-of-literary things, I read a part of Kon-Tiki Thursday evening, after I happened to find an unread 1958 edition on the book exchange shelf in town, and the chapter where Heyerdal describes the weeks in the middle of the Pacific, with life everywhere, with no sign that humanity, much less the 20th century even existed, frustrated me so much that I went to bed at half past nine in a rotten mood.

Having had a weather-related migraine attack on Thursday morning did not help any.

I feel that I should write some revenge fic on the world and the times, as I used to, but, writers block still ongoing.
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I have unlocked the entry about the Science fiction WorldCon in Helsinki earlier this month, and made a (backdated) posting about the few additional days I spent in Helsinki.
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After the WorldCon ended, and a lazy Sunday evening, I had three more days to spend in Helsinki, go sightseeing and eat cake.

Monday: Suomenlinna )

Tuesday: Seurasaari Open Air Museum )

Wednesday: This and that )

Travel and food )

Thursday: Homeward bound )

All in all )

I'm now planning the next vacation, probably going hiking in October. Something simple.
And in December, the new train route to Berlin will be ready (one very much hopes!) and delays and weirdness will be a thing of the past. (And everyone will get a pony!)
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I'm trying not to make this the Post That Ate The World.
(Note: I'm referring to the program items as I have them in my notes. Which is the keywords that made sense to me, not necessarily the title.)

Getting there... )

The rest of Tuesday )

Wednesday )

Thursday )

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

The Rest of Sunday )

And that's it, so far.
I am sure that I mixed up *something* in this summary.
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It's the dog days of summer. Each night, heavy rain falls on the soaked earth. Each day, the sun rises from the haze and burns down on the soggy ground. Plants and insects enjoy this weather. Warm-blooded beings don't.

In the middle of this, last weekend flederkatz had to move - again. Cut for wordiness and unnecessary detail )
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Quickly made, and good to strong black tea. Will probably keep a few days. (If not eaten before.)

Read more... )

I made this yesterday, we tried it today, and liked it. The olive oil taste was strong before baking, but unobtrusive after.

Notes )

ETA (Jul 3): I just ate the last piece. Still good. Also good with summer fruit compote.

ETA (Jul 28) Version 2.0, even better )
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This week had a public holiday on Thursday, which is always good.

Other than that...

Work )
Role Playing Games )
Music )
Movie: Wonder Woman )
Cat troubles )
Weekend )

And that was it, more or less. Quite a normal week, really. Execpt with one day off.


Jun. 11th, 2017 02:58 pm
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I went to be boulder hall with the usual gang today -- first time since the accident in August last year, and found that while strength was not too bad and there hadn't been much skill to lose anyway my nerve was not what it used to be. My original plan was "do the very easy routes only", which I found I could only do with the easy easy routes. So I changed that to "finding the easiest easy route and practise jumping down backward and landing safely". I felt like I was courting disaster, and it is amazing how high the pulse can get doing nothing but climbing up and jumping down four steps, but it helped a bit. Then I climbed some of the easy easy routes and considered that good enough for day one.

Yesterday, I bicycled into the city, which is about 38 km there-and-back-again, with an annoying steep hill of modest 50 meters right at the end (resp. the beginning). Which took me a while, but went OK. I need to make use of the days with no thunderstorms!

Swimming goes peachy. I started the season with 2 km in 65 minutes, continued to 2 km in 60, and have also done leisurely 2,8 km in 90 minutes. Maybe having gained some weight helps (I think that I'm looking fat on the holiday pictures from April. Chalk it down to mild body dysmorphia.) But I'm dead tired after swimming -- I need to sleep for an hour, and when waking, I can hardly move. Still, I expect that to get better, and it's a vast improvement over the years where I started the season with 1 km.

So what's missing? Yes, strength training. Attempting to find a time slot for that.

My Weekend

Jun. 5th, 2017 11:52 pm
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I've come to that point again where, if I do not forgive me all the postings I meant to make and didn't, I will never make another posting again. So, forgiven.

It's the Whitsunday weekend, which makes it a long weekend with Monday being a public holiday. It's also the main weekend of the town's (in)famous ten-day beer fest, and a good time to have friends over.

A___ had come to visit from Trier, and we had plans including: "showing her 10K people in Bavarian drag getting drunk as skunks", "making strawberry cake", "discussing role playing game rules" and "playing Deadlands with the Lyorn as a GM, so that flederkatz gets a chance to play, too." We had some other ideas, which did not work out.

Saturday )
Saturday night )
Sunday )
Monday )
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A few days ago for no reason I can think of I stared using the scroll wheel on my mouse, instead of using page up/page down keys.

Today, my right wrist is hurting like f*** every time I move my middle finger.

Note to self: The wheel is evil. Do not use it.
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although it is extremely irrelevant in the larger picture...
cut for food/body issues )
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Yesterday we were RPGing, and as it's still freezing cold, flederkatz and I cooked a mixed-meat stew with black beans the day before. It looked a little unconvincing (mostly brown), but tasted very good. Read more... )
Feeds 6 to 8.

Edited to fix some copy-paste errors.
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New Year's Eve 2015, I spent getting data backups to a new laptop, after two PCs that were acting as backup for each other had died a week before. So, merging two one-year-long chains of incremental backups. I was done when it got light outside on New Year's Day 2016.

While that was a constructive way to spend the night, I wanted something more traditional this year. So I e-mailed all my friends a "save the day" note in October, and actually got a nice little party together. Ceridwen helped a lot, especially in keeping me from freaking out over every little damned thing (not enough food! too much food! wrong food! aaaaahhhhh!).

We hung out, talked, ate a lot and drank a little, went out for the fireworks at midnight, and then made Feuerzangenbowle and ate Krapfen, just because. The cats were amazingly cool about the whole thing. It seems that they felt that while all those strange people had to be handled with great care, just in case that the might be catnappers, the noise outside was of no relevance at all.

New Year's Day, around noon, half of the guests came back for a large breakfast, then we played Trivial Pursuit, cleaned away some more leftovers, and that was it.

Today I had to go to work. It was snowing the whole day. Hardly anyone else was if office -- even the ones who had something to do were mostly working from home. I read manuals and wrote documentation. Two days to go to my vacation.
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You need:
- A large frying pan
- An oven large enough for the frying pan
- Something to turn a 2 lbs. piece of meat with
- A meat thermometer (or good instincts)
- Tin foil

For six:
- 3 lbs. of back of veal without bones
- Coarse salt
- Black pepper
- Olive oil (about 4 tablespoons)

Get the veal from a good butcher. Try not to faint at the price. 3 lbs. are likely to be two pieces, see that the pieces have the same thickness. Measure that thickness (in centimetres).

Get the veal out of the fridge 30 minutes before preparation. Pre-heat the stove to 150°.
Rub the meat with salt and pepper. Heat olive oil in the pan until it starts to smell nice. If you have a powerful stove, do not use the highest setting, but medium high. Fry the veal on both sides until it starts to brown. Then put the pan in the oven at middle height.

Leave it in for about 10 minutes per centimetre, then check inner temperature. Should be about 65°C. When you are getting close, 5 minutes can make a difference of 5 degrees!

Get the pan out. Let the oven cool down to 50 to 60°C. Get the meat out of the pan and wrap in tinfoil (what was "up" during roasting should now be "down"). Put in oven to rest (together with the plates you are going to use) and make/finish the other dishes (about 20 minutes).

Note that you cannot create gravy from the contents of the frying pan -- it's too salty!

I made a sauce from shallots, a garlic clove, cognac, gravy paste, a bit of orange peel, and cream, and served cowberries on the side. If I did not have gravy paste, I might have roasted a bit of tomato paste after the shallots started to brown and thickened the sauce with a bit of starch after the alcohol had boiled away.

Cut in thin slices when serving.

To re-heat, spread slices on a plate and microwave to lukewarm. You are doing yourself a disservice if you try to get it back to "hot".

I served it with Brussels sprouts and boiled potatoes the first day, with green beans and potato croquettes the second, and ate the rest on toasted pita bread. All very good.
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Couldn't sleep last night. That is very uncommon, as in, happens every few years at most. Got up at a quarter to four, drank hot cocoa with rum, ate a bunch of leftover christmas cookies and read comic books until a quarter to five. Then slept like a baby...
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What the fuck's wrong with the world?
"People" Magazine: Carrie Fisher Dies

Dammit. Have a Cat picture (one of Scalzi's).

ETA:: And read Leia Organa - A Critical Obituary (via MakingLight Sidelights.)


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