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When I sleep, my cats lie on my cover.
And when someone tries to wake me, I learned today, they try to scare them away.


Happy new year to everyone!
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Yesterday, the cats had their yearly appointment at the vet to get their shots and have a check-up.

Now, getting cats into boxes can be risky and bloody (cats fight tooth and claw), or it can be annoying and stressful (cats diving under furniture), or very time-consuming, or all of the above.

Yesterday evening, I got out of bed from a little cat-nap. Got dressed. Picked up a sleepy Tully from the covers and set him down in front of his box. He got in and I closed the door. Repeated this with Jerry. Both cats boxed in less than two minutes.

Only when I carried the boxes out in the cold, there was a soft "human, what are you doing?"-meow from Jerry.

At the vet, the scary good behaviour continued.

Back home, they carefully left their boxes and looked for a place to nap in peace.

A bit later, mad_freddy and K___ came over for testing lebkuchen. We had nine different kinds, each cut in three and all pieces labelled, notepads and pencils, and very seriously set about to rank them by taste and lebkuchen-ness, or, in my case, just make notes of their distinguishing characteristics. I did that mostly one-handed, as Tully had decided that the best place to nap was right next to me, getting his ears rubbed.

After that, we were as happy and full as expected after finishing the equivalent of a three-course-dinner in lebkuchen.

Other than that, I feel as could be expected, all things considered. I.e. tired and in pain, but generally OK.

Also, dinosaur feathers! (via


Jun. 24th, 2016 04:06 pm
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I have emptied a bucket of water on the balcony to cool it down a bit, and Tully the Tabby laid down right in the water.

Guess where he and his damp fur are now... and if you say "on your lap, and, um, aren't you wearing white trousers today?", you win a virtual cookie.
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For nearly a decade I have had "get paperwork with retirement office in order" on my to-do list. cut for paperwork )

And, talking about solutions: I have finally got around to asking a trainer at the gym what I'm doing wrong -- I can't get the bar in position for a front squat or overhead press without strangling myself, and I cannot do a single push-up even after 5 years of working on it: My right shoulder just crumbles away under me.

Turns out, I have this very nice balancing-a-book-on-my-head posture. Activated core muscles, shoulders straight, shoulder blades drawn together a bit, head straight. And the trick, in both cases, is to put your shoulders forward. To hold the bar, or to stop myself from sagging and ending up with a shoulder position that does not allow for power transmission from my upper body muscles to the floor.

In less exiting news, to solve the on-going cat crisis, I have bought two more litter boxes. Hope it helps, because now I will have to swipe up three times as many litter particles. Would three miracles in a day be too much to ask, or do I get a discount?

Argh, cats

Jun. 20th, 2016 08:50 am
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I was woken this morning at half past five by a heap of baking trays and baking dishes clattering on the stone floor. I had put them on a chair a few days ago when I was using the oven, where they are usually stored, and had been too lazy to put them back.

I had not even put on my glasses and extrated myself from the comforter when the screaming began.

Serious Cat Jerome hates, just hates loud noises. But he does not run and hide, oh no. All this adrenaline has to go somewhere, so he attackes his brother Tullamore the mild-mannered tabby with teeth and claws. (As often as not there is blood on the floor.)

Maybe I should let them fight it out, that has been the recommendation so far. But this damanges Tully, and it is not the usual fights about who gets to have/keep the fluffy pillow, or who has looked at whom sideways. It's Jerry losing his marbles and running amok because of an external trigger.

Aleister and Eliphas were fighting occasionally, which was quite cute. Fur was flying, but there wasn't a scratch on them.

I try to calm down the kittes and show them that there's nothing to fear by giving them a treat if I have been the one causing the noise. But noise happens without me. This morning, I put them into different rooms and went back to bed, but even now, close to four hours later, Jerry is stalking Tully, Tully is growling, Jerry hisses, Jerry refuses food, Tully is hiding in his box, and I have to leave in an hour and really don't know what to do.
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On the seat opposite to where I'm sitting at the computer is my half-empty sports bag. Serious Cat Jerome decided to investigat. Oh! There's a rustling plastic trash bag at the bottom! This must be made for a cat! He curled up inside, the bag got back to its usual shape and stands innocently on the chair, with one single pink-and-white cat ear peeking out.

I wish I had a camera.
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The drama, having delivered its impact, lay inert. The cats, less so. The rest of life slogged on.

Wednesday: Cats )
Thursday: Dress-up )
Friday: Cats, again, and laziness )
Saturday: Doing something wrong here )
Sunday: Two ruins and a lot of sun )

And then it was Monday.

More drama

Apr. 6th, 2011 02:10 pm
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More drama of the Friday kind yesterday. Was shaky the whole day and had a breakdown in singing lesson. Sang a bunch of old Italian arias in the alto range then. More singing at Ceridwen's place. Managed some good Dylan. Home, went straight to bed.

Today up at 6 to get some work done before the cats needed to go to the vet. Getting the work done is top priority. All other drama is not as critical. Met I___ at half past ten. Boxed the cats. We should have played more box games, but it worked. No blood. I said they were very sweet and gentle cats. Cats got cold meds. Have to come in again on Friday.

Some work got done. Am tired. Will maybe manage to get more work done when everyone's gone home.
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Looking at the calendar, it's only 3rd of April, but today's weather was more like early May: Warm and sunny, and the plums and almonds were already in bloom. The meadows in the valleys were bright green, though up in the hills they were still yellow and brown -- not enough time to grow yet, and not enough rain.
Getting some fresh air, and a Brotzeit )
Playing the Box Game with the cats )
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Tully is walking over the desk. He really, really wants to rub his head on my outstretched hand, but he doesn't quite dare coming that close. So he's rotating his head about five centimetres away from my hand. And looks shocked when he touches my hand accidentally with the tip of his ear.
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In a perfect world, I would not have to work, and would get all the sleep I need, however strange my natural sleep cycle.

In a less-than-perfect-but-kind-of-ok world, I would go to sleep at 2 am and get up at 9.

In the real world, Read more... )
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I meant to write a rant about how 99% of the people making it their business to talk about health and weight issues on the internet, in women's magazines and in doctor's offices have been taken over by necromantic brain-eating aliens from the planet of animated skeletons, but decided that this would be too depressing.

So, instead, some good news: Tully the Tabby is getting tamer by the day. He's greeting me when I come home, sleeps on the foot of my bed and can be petted when I wake up in the morning, and this afternoon he sprawled on the carpet in the hall and let himself be petted for a whole minute. And he's very soft and fluffy.

Not so good: I have been sick at home for two days with a very painful sore throat and much ouch in my right eye.


Jul. 14th, 2010 12:31 am
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The "I write like" meme:

Another ETA: Making Light strongly suspects that this is bait prepared by a vanity publisher. I didn't even see any "rest of the text". Advanced case of filtering, I guess.

(Note: Be careful if you follow the below links, the design is what I thought cool in the heyday of Geocities. Protect your eyes.)

I fed it nearly all of the stories I had written in English, and got
- Chuck Palahniuk for Burning Bright, for an attempt at Highlander fanfic, and for a fragment inspired by reading too much Torchwood fic.
- Isaac Asimov for an OC deathfic with dark romance, cosmic powers and deals with devils.
- James Joyce for Collisions in Time. (WTF?)
- Stephen King for First We Take The Fridge... (ROTFL)
- J. K. Rowling for The Black Dragon's Son (that actually makes sense)
- Dan Brown for A Winter's Tale (I'm really wondering about the algorithm now)

Summa summarum, inconclusive. Which is good as far as I am concerned.

Moar ETA: If I paste in Charles Stross' "Overtime", it says "Chuck Palahniuk". On Gaiman's "We Can Get Them For You Wholesale" it say "H.P. Lovecraft". It correctly recognises the first three pages from "The King of the Golden Hall" as Tolkien.

Son of ETA: They are playing around wit it on Making Light.


In other news, Snow and I fenced in the rest of the balcony today. It looks very chickenwire-y. Cats are outside now, enjoy the cool and wait for moths to hunt.


ETA: Link. Dear History Channel your programs on the so-called "World War II" are completely unrealistic
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Spent the evening with Gwydion, building a fence on the side of the balcony where Jerry is always getting up on the rail. Surprise, surprise, now he's climbing up another part of the rail.

Still cannot air through the living room window because it opens on the balcony. Have hissed a lot at the cats and generally been beastly. Feel especially bad about Tully, who is not allowed on the balcony either, although he has been a perfectly reasonable cat and is not attempting acrobatics that he has a history of failing at.

Sigh. Need to cuddle the cats now. I hope that will tell them that I still love them.

At least there was a thunderstorm today and the temperature dropped from 36°C to 25° in less than an hour.
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Title: Jerry und seine Spießgesellen (1/1)
Author: the Lyorn
Language: German
Words: ca. 1,500
Setting: original
Rating: 6
Genre: Humour, Cats, Crime
Summary: Sie waren jung, verfressen, und kriegten alle Türen auf.
Anmerkungen: Danke an I___ für's Katzenhüten, an Tully und Jerry für die Inspiration, und an [ profile] mad_freddy für's Betalesen.
Kritik und Kommentare sind willkommen.
Webpage link: [html] [txt].

to the story... )
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I'm back from vacation and have a lot to write up.

Until that gets done, here's a cat pic:
Jerry and Tully on the balcony, May 2010
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Winter might be officially over, but I'm still freezing.

Have a cat picture:
Tully is sceptical!cat
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This is a test post to see how I can put images in.

Jerry and Tully in a box

Test cut )

End of posting.
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Have updated my webpage with a bunch of recipes (in German): Schoko-Mandel Gugelhupf, Kürbis-Ingwer-Suppe, and how to cook eggplant in the mircrowave.

Am very tired. Maybe I banged my head harder the day before yesterday than I thought I did.

Also, here's a cat pic:
Jerry and Tully in a box
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All images of Eliphas that I have are so bad that, unless you know what's on it, it's a black blob. The best images are those I made with my 480*640 pixels green-tinting cell phone camera.

No one else has any picture, either. I asked everyone I could think of, for two years, and didn't get a single one better than "black blob".

Someone said there ought to have been a CD somewhere, but if there ever was, it's gone.

Am very unhappy about that.


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