Aug. 6th, 2014 09:40 am
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It's the middle of the dog days, yet, thanks to daylight saving time, the bright part of the year is over. When I get up, the sun is not yet in the sky, and I bicycle through thick, cold mist and arrive at work with my wool clothes covered in silver grey water drops.

Of course, going home, it is still hotter than a nice autumn afternoon should be, and my bicycle is loaded with clothes that are suited only for the cold unholy hours of early morning.

Well, spending a little time in town after work, to window-shop and eat ice cream, is no fun when you are dragging around your winter gear: So at least DST saves me some money for what it costs me in daylight.

Did I mention I hate it? (Don't answer that.)
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I've been sorting CDs and found that some seemm to have got lost, probably during the move. I have the empty cases, but not the CDs. Which would not matter much if had I backups, but I have been lazy.

So, do I re-order them while they are still available, or hope that they will reappear from some half-forgotten box and still be functional?

And how the hell did that even happen? I thought that I pay attention to my stuff.
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Heute morgen war die Sonne noch nicht aufgegangen, als ich aus dem Haus ging, und es war hundekalt.

Wenn ich in einem Monat an einem klaren Morgen aus dem Haus gehen werde, wird die Sonne noch nicht aufgegangen sein, und es wird hundekalt sein.

Wenn ich in einem guten halben Jahr nach einer sternklaren Oktobernacht aus dem Haus gehe, wird die Sonne noch nicht aufgegangen sein, und es wird hundekalt sein.

Die Sommerzeit verlängert den Winter um zwei Monate. (Aber dafür darf man dann in der größten Nachmittagshitze heimradeln.)
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"merkbefreit" (adj.): (individual trait) of being statutory incompetent to notice any misalignment between one's thoughts and reality, one's deeds and intention, or one's behaviour and social competence; being incapable to change one's behaviour by corretly interpreting environmental clues. See also "fell off the clue tree and missed every branch on the way down".

via [personal profile] legionseagle, by [personal profile] marymac:

At the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland, the National Trust is doing the stupid, YEC-flavoured and, when questioned aggravate it by proving themselves merkbefreit.

Second German word of the day: "fremdschämen" (verb): the desire to hide oneself in the loo because someone else is embarrassing themselves.
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Dear pep-talking management guy,

You are probably aware that having people work dead drunk, or stoned out of their mind is not the road to high quality.

So why do you think telling me that a certain piece of work was finished by people at three in the morning, or after repeatedly getting only two hours of sleep will in any way engender trust in the quality of the work done?

the Lyorn


And while I'm at it:
Why crunch modes do not work
Why we have to go back to a 40 hour week to keep our sanity.
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... at least when you have low blood sugar and a history of demophobia and social anxiety: here.

Yesterday I had the day off, it was a perfectly nice spring day, and I had a list of stuff I wanted to buy or at least look at, so some time before noon I bicycled into the city for some shopping (didn't get one third of what I wanted, but am happy with what I got).

Early afternoon, my mood darkened and my stomach was requesting lunch in very certain terms. I prefer to try out a new place whenever possible, and that particular one looked nice enough from the outside, pretty open, good view to the busy pedestrian zone, and I wanted pizza. Prices were a little higher than your typical pizza place, but within range for the location.

I went in and trouble began )

Now, that's one place I will never go to again. I told the tale to my co-workers today, and they all knew the place or others of its type and said that it had no service and what service they hadn't was lousy, and one could get a pizza faster, better, and in more comfort at every street vendor's.

Yesterday, anyway, I walked a few hundred meters to this place and sat down in a comfy little café, read about two or three pages in a motorbiking magazine, and then the friendly landlord served me enough bread, cheese, meats and cold cuts to feed two, and all that for far less than ten Euro.

Bicycling back, the wind was going my way and I was home in less than 50 minutes without even trying very hard.

Stupid DST

Mar. 28th, 2011 11:10 am
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It's freezing again. I slept very badly. If I had a second power outlet in the bathroom, I'd have brought the electrical heater from home weeks ago and plugged it in. Stupid useless DST. I want that hour back. With interest.

I read that in Russia they are going to *stay* on DST now, to spare people the miserable week after switching. Of course, that means that in winter you'd have to wait until, what, half past ten or so for daylight. Jikes.

I mean, what's the fucking *use*? Either our sleep/wakefulness cycles are adjusted to the sun, in which case the whole exercise is completely useless for anything but spreading misery, or we are not, then we could just all get up at 4 in the morning and enjoy the longer days (NOT).

Who ever developed the bright idea that anything lesser than a major tectonic shift could mess around with the length of the day? And yet every year someone with less awareness of time than a stupid mayfly (you live only one day, you'd be a lot more mindful of one hour!) let their metaphors go off the rail into stating these things until they believe it themselves. And everyone gets a miserable week.
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Had to get up early again -- this is starting to become a habit, and a very annoying one. Our choir had a performance at an International Women's Day event organised by the local women's group of the Social Democrat Party. Meet Ms Ranty McRant, i.e. me )
On to the music )
The rest of the day )

Diet talk

Aug. 16th, 2010 01:49 am
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We had tea and cake again today (recipes soon), and for no good reason at all got into diet talk. Which is a hot button issue for me. As in, I can do it for hours, but I regret every single minute of it while they are happening, and I become far more angry and frustrated that I ever should be at any endeavor I'm not getting paid for.

Cut for, you guessed it, diet talk )
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As I've been doing some exercise now I have started to look around for what people are writing, and occasionally crunch some numbers. Which is not good for my blood pressure. (Although, what is not good for one's blood pressure in general is probably good for mine, because mine needs some raising.)

Cut for exercise, weight and fail which might really spoil a person's day )

Related: Why Everything's Harder Than You Think.
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The stupid cough I always got in sports class or when running after the bus as a teen? The one that became chronic until I was short of breath every winter and had to take cough meds to walk through town, call time-out in role playing games because I was unable to speak for the wheezing, and got sent out of class in lessons following sports because my coughing made talking in the room impossible? The one that went away only when I was well into my twenties? Has a name. Can be treated.

I found that out two days ago.

In other news... Every day I walk past the tabloid headlines on my way to work. At the moment, it's all about people being "wealthy" on welfare, as one of my least favourite politician deigns to call it. Headline says, paraphrased and translated, "Why work?"

Well if you don't know you might want to change your life )
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Just finished a whole-series-in-one-day marathon with the gang.

Here be spoilers )

12. It was weird seeing the places in Cardiff where I've been two months ago on TV again.

ETA: 13. I am now re-reading [ profile] rm's and [ profile] kalichan's Harbour because it will make me feel better.
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Who the heck is writing the scripts these days? Are the writers still on strike and they got a beta version AI to do their job?

I'm unimpressed )

It was still more fun than T3.

ETA: Kit Whitfield has something more in-depth to say about bad action movies.
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(well, Dreamwidth, to be exact, but it overlaps)

Jonathan Tweet (Ars Magica, Sorcerer's Crusade) makes a total ass out of himself on his LJ by a) believing in evo psych gender essentialism, and b) using it to explain why so few women play role playing games.


The guy has clearly spent too much time designing character classes and now believes that everyone is born into one.

Well. He does kind of apologize and says he has never before realised that some boys only gaming groups behave badly towards girls who want to play. Remember, this is the guy who wrote for White Wolf. Which had fucking essays on this fucking topic in their fucking magazine in fucking 1994.

The German word for this is "merkbefreit".

ETA: [ profile] jhkim dissects in more detail.
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I got me an mp3 player yesterday, assuming that the thing was basically an USB drive with headphones and the ability to turn mp3 files into music.

Only, my computer does not recognize the stupid thing. Which has never happened with an USB drive. There was a CD which came with the player, which installs a needlessly complicated software that does god knows what, has only icons and not a single line of text (which is good, because the text in the installation was obviously translated from Japanese using Babelfish), but doesn't make the system recognize the player.



Apr. 18th, 2009 02:06 am
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This is a little embarrassing, but I'm so frustrated that I need to whine.

I have this secret and highly ambitious goal of being, one day, able to jog one whole kilometre without intervals of walking to catch my breath, regain control of my balance and wait for the pain to go away. I could do it when I was eleven -- before puberty, chocolate and the lack of sports bras made 100 metres long-distance for me.

So I check the internet for advice on how to best get from here to there without keeling over dead or something equally unpleasant. And every one, every single page says, "don't run so fast that you would not be able to carry on a conversation", and "start with running for two minutes, then walking", and "keep your pulse in this-and-that range."

Which makes me go, WTF?

There is literally no jogging speed so slow that I could carry on a conversation doing it. When I was 16, jogging two kilometres took me 35 minutes (walking would have taken 20), and I would not have been able to carry on a conversation for any part of it. (That was in gym class. I got sent home afterwards for coughing my lungs out. Took me days to get my breath back.) These days, to keep jogging at any speed for two minutes, I need a good day, and four weeks of training beforehand. And going by the pulse frequency I get on a crosstrainer on half that effort, it's probably forty to fifty over what is recommended.

Well, one plan says, "start with walking 30 minutes". Yeah, I can do that. I can walk 30 minutes, or 60, or 240, or the whole day, no problem. I just cannot run.

This sucks.
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Via my friends list: over the last few days removed the sales rankings from various gay themed books

See more at Copperbadge's LJ, and at [ profile] rm's place here, with follow-up.

I haven't noticed it yet on (I checked the short list given by [ profile] xtricks), and a bunch of books I could think of, and only one was not sales-ranked. I'm keeping an eye on it.

One one hand, wtf sales ranks? OTOH, wehret den Anfängen.

ETA: Have written letter. It's painfully formal and stilted. Going to send it tomorrow. Ideally spiced with some examples that make sense from my buying history.

This is kind of interesting: Meta-Trolls?
Pandagon, with a lot of writers affected by the fail closely connected, discusses the Meta-troll theory. This includes explanation of what sales rank does, which I did not know.

Have sent mail. Even if amazon has fallen victim to trollery or a technical SNAFU, something is wrong here and I dislike getting no clarification from them. Now I hope they fix it and apologize, because amazon has always worked very well for me and I would regret following up on my mail by actually finding someone else to buy from.

According to internet gossip, amazon says the French did it. I'm tired of internet gossip at this point. I'll read some slash instead.
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oder, "Ach, wie war es doch vordem / mit Sperrmüllabfuhr so bequem!"

In the name of waste reduction, recycling and environmental protection, the city is encouraging everyone to dump their trash in the nearest wood or river.

Used to be, twice a year you brought all your bulky trash to the curb. Following day and night, everyone from antique hunters to poor students, from second-hand-dealers to pensioners and Turks who were skilled with glue and paint and wiring trekked along the heaps and dug out everything that might still be useful. The sad remains were then collected in the morning by the city and put in a landfill.

It was, however, decided that this made the city look untidy and was too expensive, and putting stuff in a landfill was not a good idea. Also, strictly speaking, it's illegal to steal someone else's trash, and there might have been lawsuits.

So, today, you phone the city (during working hours, of course, because everyone is allowed to make private phone calls from work or has a stay-at-home wife to do it for them) and make an appointment to have your trash taken away. Then you fill out a form listing what exactly is your trash. Then they tell you what you cannot put in said trash and have to drive to the trash-sorting company in person. Then you haggle over the best place to put it. Then you have to disassemble the trash into its component parts. (Or not, if you haggle well enough.) And then they'll send a company that collects the stuff (and probably puts it in a landfill).

Because no one knows ahead of time where the heaps of potentially-still-useful stuff will turn up, the freecycle rate has dramatically dropped. And because the company probably does not get more money for collecting the trash than the city used to spend, but other than the city needs to make a profit from it, if they feel you are creating too much work for them (by having trash out that's not on the list -- which can happen, because your neighbour might not want to go through the hassle for a single broken chair), they won't collect.

Half of the trash I put out yesterday is already gone freecycling. What's left is a mouldy cotton carpet, an ancient bubble jet printer, a 30 yo IKEA sleeping couch, two crumbling foam mattresses and a rickety three-and-a-half legged chair.

I'm very happy that someone found most of my old stuff useful. But I'm a little worried if the company will take the far-smaller-than-the-list heap tomorrow.

ETA, Apr 2: It's gone!

DST hate

Mar. 30th, 2009 12:18 am
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I hate DST. It assumes that people have no day-and-night-rhythm, neither natural nor gained during a lifetime, nor trained over a period of years. Everyone could just go to sleep and be asleep, or get up and be awake at any time of day or night, really, as long as the whole sleep/wake time vaguely balances.

Lately scientists looking into biorhythms have pointed out that having kids get up at six to half past is a bad idea (and doubly so with teenagers), because they won't be "powered up" mentally until about 9 am anyway. While whoever the fuck is promoting DST thinks that it would be just peachy to have them up at five or half past.

Of course it's personal. I am not a morning person. I am so much not a morning person that Wikipedia has an entry on it. I am fortunate to have a job where it's OK when I'm in by eleven. It's not OK, however, if I check in at noon. Eleven is pushing it, noon is not acceptable. Eleven I can barely manage. In winter.

German Wikipedia says, "summer time moves daylight hours into most people's awake phase." No. That's not true. DST does not influence Earth's rotation. It does not move daylight hours to suit people. It moves people to suit daylight hours. And daylight hours couldn't care less.

Energy? It's March. It's freezing. Getting up one hour earlier means (for those who do not have my tolerant work hours) getting up in the cold and the dark. Unless you are badly in a hurry or are not made miserable by dragging your sleepy self around in the dark and chill (with your body, who is not following the news, not up to operating temperature), you'll take a long hot shower, and turn on the heating. Probably electrical, as central heating is slow. It's what we did at home. For one hour of running the electrical heater, we could have the lights on in the living room for 10 to 20 hours. But of course, if you do not have flex time, in high summer you could come home from work with enough daylight hours left to drive out to a lake in the country instead of heading for the public pool.

Best thing one can say about it is that it creates lots of extra (paid) work. When 2007 the US decided to switch to DST a little earlier, software development put in hundreds of hours of overtime.

The whole idea is FUBAR. And I have to get up early tomorrow. Grrr.


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