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Life is busy but tedious and not worth posting about, so, a food post: Red Berry Pudding )
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It's cold and grey and rainy, and I wanted something sweet and hot and filling for lunch and not spend to much time on it, so: Polenta with stewed pears )

Now I'm warm and happy.
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(I call it a casserole here, but it's halfway to a soufflé: it rises on beaten egg whites, but it does not use a milk/egg yolk custard as a base.)

I am getting lots of fresh eggs from free-range chickens at the moment (big, strong chickens that chase off the farm cats if the cats happen to be in their way), so I've been looking into recipes that need lots of eggs.

After a less-than-succesful cheesecake where the soft wheat semolina was too al dente, and the whole thing lost all volume overnight, I tried something which would not get the chance to collapse at cooling and would give the semolina sufficient time and heat. So: Curd Cheese Casserole )

This serves six. It's medium-sweet, even with the fruit, and considered a main dish in Germany. To balance it somewhat, you might serve a salad as a starter.

Variants: If you can't have wheat, the recipe should work just fine with polenta. If you want to do something savory with curd cheese, replace the seminola pudding with mashed potatoes and the sugar with grated cheese, and the fruit with veggies to taste.

BTW, while I was trying to translate cooking terms, I happened on this: Cooking for Engineers: Dark Chocolate Soufflé.
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This is turning into a food blog, because the rest of my life is currently very busy and very unremarkable. I bicycle to work, the choir is practising for a performance, books are read, games are played, July is doing its best to make up for the first half of the year with clear, warm days and cool starry nights.

So: Rice pudding with strawberry sauce )

There's still a tiny bit leftover for today's dinner.
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Back from a business trip, had the role playing game group in on Monday, so I did something which did not need fresh ingredients, except for the milk.

Read more... )
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I dreamt of underwater zombies this night, which might in some way have been caused by yesterday's role playing game. However, one if the zombies was Spike and one was played by a young Harrison Ford, so even when I woke in a panicked cold sweat, I considered for a while, changed some parameters of the dream to make it less scary, and then went back to sleep, until some idiot with a lawnmower woke me at half past seven. The cats were looking at me with very serious "breakfast, I can haz it?" faces, and it was already light outside, so I got up.

Spring )
Party )

Two recipes:

Chocolate madness )
Sweet rolls with plum jam )


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